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Hello To All

Thanks to Indie Publishing, and blogs like this, I’m able to get my words and images out to the whole world. That’s very intimidating. To me it’s like Open Mike Night at the Improv. I can fall on my face, lay a giant egg, or bomb out. None of those outcomes is very appealing to me. That could be worse than stepping in zebra droppings.

On the other hand, this blog can be a success. That would be great! I don’t know what will happen since this is new to me. This blog needs a lot of work and I’m a novice when it comes to blogging. So, please bear with me as I put this thing together. Hopefully, I can manage to keep from stepping in the zebra doo doo to much.

Since I’m a story teller at heart, this blog will focus on writing. However, I will attempt to add a little humor now and then in the form of a single panel cartoon. I have several projects in the wings. I hope you will follow along as they come together and make it to publication. I welcome your comments.

Bye for now,

Woody Brooks (it’s a pseudonym I’ve used from time to time).

Comments on: "Hello To All" (2)

  1. MikeK said:

    Yes Ron, glad you’ve taken the plunge! I will look forward to reading your posts. I’m sure they will be as entertaining as it is hearing about them in-person!

  2. PryingLittlePandora said:

    Don’t stress out, Woody! You are being so brave by taking that leap and putting your words out there for everyone to see. I am very proud of you!
    Love, your Favorite Niece. 🙂

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