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I decided to publish some limericks which I offered as comments to some blogs I follow. I hope you like them. I plan to do a book of limericks in the near future.

Snow monkeys like water that’s warm,

To hot springs they always do swarm;

They frolic and play,

Throughout most of the day,

I guess it won’t do them much harm.

There once was a procrastinator,

Who always put things off  ’til later;

Things didn’t get done,

His life was not fun,

His later got greater and greater.

There was an old man from East End,

He didn’t have even one friend;

His life was so weary,

And often most teary,

But he didn’t want change in that trend.

There once was a girl from the city,

She didn’t think she was so pretty;

She primped and she pasted,

No make-up was wasted,

But she didn’t change one iddy biddy.

One man was so full of regret,

He hated what he didn’t get;

What he failed to do,

Plagued him thru and thru,

He just couldn’t seem to forget.

There was a young pup in a sweater,

He was a real go getter;

He knew all his tricks.

He caught balls and some sticks,

There wasn’t a pup who was better.

A man who lived next to the tracks,

Drank twenty-five cold pickle-backs;

He went out in the rain,

He did not hear the train,

He was thrown right out of his slacks.

Please comment and/or rate this post. It would make my day, and encourage me to write more of these.

Comments on: "Limericks…Watch Out! They’re “G” Rated" (2)

  1. See mmy other reply. Thanks!

  2. Finding myself at once Interluded
    By Humor, with sense unpolluted,
    I chortled at the wit
    Then chomped at the bit,
    And went right ahead and intruded.

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