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Nokia is developing a tattoo ink that can sense when your phone is ringing and cause your skin to vibrate. The technology would require a minor surgical procedure.

My take on that…

A guy got a tat on his arm,

It’s a phone app that sounds an alarm;

When his phone starts to ring,

It vibrates that thing,

It’s one of technology’s charms.

Comments on: "Stop Calling My Arm!" (7)

  1. This is almost as wacky as “spray-on Internet”. Good post!

  2. Good idea! I know many would find movable letters invaluable.

  3. Hilarious, truly hilarious.

  4. I’m going to write Nokia and suggest they develop a new kind of tattoo. One with movable letters like in Scrabble. So if someone changes girlfriends, wives or lovers, they can just change the name on their respective body part. It would be easy and economical.

  5. I get the ideas from blog posts I read. Limericks come rather easy for me because I have a wacky, whimsical mind which never seems to rest. I had an active muse, but I haven’t seen her since I let her borrow the extra set of keys to my VW van, along with my debit card and a large jar of ointment. Have you seen my horrorscope posts? They will give you some idea of what’s going on between my ears when I’m not under sedation. BTW, your limerick response was excellent (I think) I’m still looking up some of the words in Wikipedia.

  6. The possibilities of where to have oneself tattooed eh?

  7. I’m loving these. What does it take to be your inspiration for one?

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