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A Michigan woman was texting while walking. She fell off a pier into a river. No injuries, except maybe her pride.

Here’s my take on it:

A woman was texting one day,

She did it in her unique way;

She fell off a pier,

The river was near,

Wet butt was the price she did pay.

Comments on: "Underwater texting" (2)

  1. What happened to that woman wasn’t so bad, but here in Florida, a twenty year old was texting while driving and killed a child. I see texters/talkers all the time while driving. You can always tell their on the phone because they are driving 10/20 MPH under the speed limit, and they weave back and forth.

  2. It truly makes you wonder how many text induced accidents there are.

    Great little verse By the way. I wonder if my kids will appreciate it.

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