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Japanese toy maker Bandai has created their version of a Smart dog. The gadget uses a free app to turn your iPhone into a walking, barking puppy. You attach your phone to the dog mechanism, turn on the app and have fun. See it at:

My take on this is…

A guy with an iPhone got lucky,

He turned it into a cute puppy;

It barks and it walks,

Too bad it can’t talk,

The next thing he wants is a guppy.


Comments on: "Here doggie, doggie." (3)

  1. Your limerick made me smile

    And I have to admit, I think I’d probably actually buy it. It’s just too cute. 🙂

  2. Sony had an actual robotic dog several years ago. It was unreal. It would run around the house and leave little batteries behind until it got house broken. I don’t know why they took it off the market. Maybe the $1,700. price tag was the factor.

  3. Aaron the Ogre said:

    Great limerick. I think that app and device is silly. Of course it is one of those things I’d buy if I had the extra loot.

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