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Not only do we have to watch out for spam in our email, book spammers are selling rip-offs of best-sellers on Amazon to innocent book buyers. In a way it’s weird because many of the stolen books were originally published using Amazon’s self-publishing tool, Create Space.

My humble take on this:

There is a bunch of bad spammers,

They are usually mailbox jammers;

But these guys steal books,

They’re out and out crooks,

Let’s hope they all end up in slammers.

Comments on: "Watch Out…”Spammed” Books Are Here" (2)

  1. Great!

  2. had no idea, what creative creeps! slinking around in the cybersludge, I will watch out! kewt poem, btw…may I add one more, ending line?
    ‘and wear orange p’jammers!’

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