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This is a ode to all mothers,

Not fathers, daughters or brothers;

Mom’s are the best,

They just never rest,

We love them not any others!


Comments on: "Happy Mother’s Day Moms!" (4)

  1. Thanks again, you are very kind so say that.

  2. Aaron the Ogre said:

    Not true at all. You are fantastic. Limerick are actually very hard. It takes the “right” ear to do it. You have that ear in spades.

  3. Thank you very much. I appreciate your analysis. I’m really just winging it with these limericks. I’m not much of a poet.

  4. Aaron the Ogre said:

    Very nice feminine rhyme scheme in this limerick (a feminine rhyme scheme is where the rhymes involve multiple rhymed syllables in the rhymed words). That is not at all common. That took a bit of skill especially considering the content is still true to the form. Awesome!

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