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In a paper published in April, University of Glasgow scientists theorize in the future, 3D printers could be used to create customized drugs and chemicals for various medical conditions including cancer. The printer can make organic and inorganic compounds.

The researchers believe the method could be used by drug companies within the next five years to make customized medicines. It may be available to the public in 20 years.

Maybe by then, drugs can be made for each of us based on our individual chemical and biological factors.


A printer that prints in 3D,

Can make drugs for you and for me,

It can make any kind,

For the body or mind,

Oh how happy we all will soon be.

Comments on: "3D Movies, move over. 3D Printers are forging ahead." (2)

  1. I guess that’s the future plan if it all works out. But it will take years to fully develop.

  2. I’ve heard that about the 3-D printers…it would be wonderful if this were a way to customize all those cancer drugs… 🙂

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