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Archive for 07/14/2012

This is Post Number 101!

It’s no joke.

I actually managed to do 100 posts before this one.

Thank you all for following and/or visiting my humble humor blog.

I couldn’t have done it without your support.

Here’s to the next 99 humor filled bits and pieces.


Google’s Glass left Apple aghast

After Google’s successful demonstration of its video-capturing, augmented reality glasses, Apple quickly applied for, (and received), a patent for its own magic glasses for a wearable computer display.

This could be trouble for me. Half the time, I can’t find my regular glasses.

I can see it now:

Me…”Honey have you seen my glasses?”

She…Which ones? Your long distance glasses, your reading glasses, your sun glasses or those new, weird looking ones?”

Me…”The new ones. The computer display glasses that cost me three hundred and fifty dollars.”

She…”Did you get the extended warranty on the computer thingy’s?”

Me…”No. Why?”

She…”Just wondered.”

Me…”I can’t find them. Did you see them?”

She…”Yes. The dog is chewing on them in the den.”


Soon we’ll all wear a display,

We’ll use it for work or for play;

Some glass in a frame,

For use in a game,

I’m waiting for that special day.

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