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Imagine this:

Some beady eyed hackers have stolen around 78 million from banks using a malware virus called Zeus.

Of course that doesn’t beat the trillions of dollars the U.S. government is wasting. Who’s the bigger crook?

See, your mother was right. Hiding your money under your mattress is safer.


Hackers are stealing from banks,

They get money without saying thanks,

They use what’s called Zeus,

It’s pure banking abuse,

They get Deutsche Marks as well as French Francs

Comments on: "Hackers Hefty Heist" (4)

  1. I hear you, mate.

  2. Ugh, I’d beat the living crap out of myself if I was a politician in government.

    But stealing from people is against my rules… Apparently the law as well, but they come second.

    I however, would have no inner qualms hacking back the fees I’ve been charged over the years.

  3. Would you prefer politics or hacking computers?

  4. I took the wrong career…

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