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M.I.T. is working on a more painless shot experience.

Instead of using needles, the serum is delivered by a high-pressure stream.

I remember those painful shots my kids got. I don’t know what was worse. The piercing needle or the piercing screams.


Will sharp needles become quite passé?

If so, I can’t wait for that day.

A less painful shot,

Not like one that I got,

When that happens I’ll sure shout hurray.

Comments on: "Streaming Shots Stop Screaming Tots…" (2)

  1. Thanks for your comment. I was going to say (but didn’t) that the pressure shot system was in place in the 1960s. I got many shots that way while in the military, fortunately all in the arm. Back then they gave Polio shots to all servicemembers.

  2. Can’t be any worse than the ones I recieved in the rear. Apparently you don’t have to pull your pants ALL the way down….I was laughed at by the nurse…..

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