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A police SWAT team raided a house where threats were being made via wi-fi. It turned out to be the wrong house.

The guy apprehended wasn’t making the threats. He was just stealing the wi-fi from a neighboring house where the threats were really being made.

I guess stealing wi-fi put the first guy in double jeopardy, legally speaking. It’s best to buy your own wi-fi. Give it a try.


The cops followed somebody’s wi-fi,

It turned out to be the wrong bad guy;

They moved on a threat,

It was a bad bet,

They did get the perp on their next try.

Comments on: "The wi-fi gets the wrong guy." (4)

  1. Thanks once again.

  2. you crack me up.
    and ditto john the aussie!

  3. Thanks again. We have these cop shows, reality shows. They arrest the dumbest clods on the planet who have absolutely no common sense.

  4. That is karma, irony and funny all rolled into one…

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