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Auto manufacturers are building cars filled with computer chips, allowing the vehicle to be controlled wirelessly.

Now, security experts think those cars may be susceptible to hackers who may take control over vital systems such as breaking, acceleration, my favorite radio station where I listen to The Dennis Miller show daily, and perhaps back seat drivers.

Actually that last one wouldn’t be so bad.

All it will take is a rip roaring router and the right software.

This is a perfect  example of why I’ll never get a computer chip installed in my brain again.

Some hacker will find out and have me walking around in circles, or make me burp in the middle of an important speech at an AMWAY meeting.


Hackers may drive your new car,

They’ll do from places afar;

They’ll do it with routers,

They’ll make you scream louder,

They’ll do it where ever you are.

Comments on: "Routers Rerouting Rides" (10)

  1. They’ll never move from fossil fuels in the next 600 year’s unless they find a cheaper option.

    Take care, yourself. And e-publish those other books ASAP.

  2. I love all things mining and underground, especially old school mining. I use to map old mines (and caves) when I was into spelunking and use to collect old machines and mining equipment (along with trinkets) whatever the local historical site didn’t want I kept. I’ve been noted to have found a few indigenous paintings and sites also. I should dig out the old photos and sort through them.

    Your father sounds like one tough bloke. You also seem very proud of him. Back in the day, many kids were employed because it was easier for them to manoeuvre in the low roof coal mines. When I get to PA, don’t ask me when, but when I do your giving me a tour. I’ll pay for the coffees (or whisky, whatever you drink).

  3. Aye, was underground for years, lost my tan, so working on the surface for a while.

  4. Are you a miner?

  5. They already use it underground, but the trucks are automated and the boggers are remote control. I wanna visit the mine wherever in Europe it is, the boss sent me footage about 5 years ago from the control room.

  6. Hey to be honest, sometimes I can hardly get a wireless signal fifty feet away in the house. Forget about underground mining equipment. You’d need a router down there fed by wires and a repeated unit to make that work. Carrier pigeons would be faster.

  7. I wonder how different this will be from remote / automated, underground mining equipment.

  8. But the driver could get hacked off and do something rash during rush hour.

  9. Actually, keeping safety in mind, hacking a car like that could be fun.

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