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I just had to tell you about two wordpress blogs which I follow.

I highly recommend them. I ask you to recommend them as well.

I think they deserve a visit by anyone who visits Humorous Interludes.

The first one is travelingwithteddy. It’s at

If you like travel and food blogs, this is one of the best. It’s well written and has great photos.

The second one is ilovebritishtv. It’s at

If you like British TV, this is the blog to visit. It’s another well written and informative blog complete with appropriate photos. It highlights TV shows past and present,  made by Brits. in jolly old England.

Comments on: "Great Blogs Worth Checking Out" (4)

  1. Great so far. It’s Sunday here and we had a quiet day. Just sitting around writing.

  2. No worries, mate. How’s ya day?

  3. Thanks, John. I wasn’t aware of that feature.

  4. As a suggestion, a hyperlink (click the chain looking thing.when highlighting the link to elsewher and add the link where prompted for a quick and easy click for your readers) would help those of us surfing via phone or simply hate typing in stuff. Don’t forget to click the “open in New tab” option so people come back to your page.

    Teddy is so awesome. His travel buddy must be having fun.

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