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At a recent security conference, they introduced computer hackers as young as eight years old.

The event even featured security exercises as a challenge for them.

Whatever happened to kids watching cartoons, playing games outdoors, or reading a book?

Oh yeah. They are all sitting around the house alone texting each other.


Hackers as young as eight?

They hack and they think it’s great.

They break into computers,

Instead of riding scooters.

It’s something we all would berate.

Comments on: "Hacking Hi-jinks Highlighted" (1)

  1. I remember an article about kids outside playing, a curfew was installed at 7pm for a school children all days of the week unless a community event or under parental guidance. The obesity tripled among school children, their grades dropped and all local sites and blog sites were taken over by local hackers complaining they have nothing to do once they’re homework was done.

    The curfew was raised to 9pm. No trouble or weight issues since.

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