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Recently Google had an outage which lasted for an hour.

It affected around ten percent of Google users.

That left about thirty million subscribers without email service.

I remember that day.

I heard screaming from all corners of the planet/globe/Earth.

I don’t know why people use that expression, “All corners of the globe” etc.

Maybe it derives from the Flat Earth Society.

I don’t use G-mail, so it didn’t affect me.

Plus, I am secure in my belief that the Earth is indeed mostly round.


Gmail was apparently out,

It made customers suddenly shout.

Thirty million were affected,

Before it was detected.

They were certainly angered no doubt.

Comments on: "Google’s G-mail Goes Goofy" (5)

  1. Neither did I. But it hit the news a while back.

  2. I didn’t even notice…

  3. She sent you a pm. Sorry, she was using my computer.

  4. You are very welcome.

  5. Thanks for stopping by I really hope you come by to see us again soon. I love your poetry!


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