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RassomStar is an African telecommunications company.

They are looking to bring cellular phoning to the Congo.

They are using tiny access nodes to make calls in the rain forest.

I hope Tarzan, Jane, Cheetah, Jungle Boy, and George of the Jungle all have cell phones.


The Congo has now going mobile.

A gesture that’s really quite noble.

Call up a chimp,

Or a lion with a limp,

Africa’s is finally going global.

Comments on: "Cellular Creates Congo Calls" (6)

  1. Happy to hear that. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Ron-I feel MUCH better! Tee hee

  3. You never should have given him your private number. I hope you didn’t give it to that singer, Prince. He’s been a real pain lately with phone calls.

  4. I did miss Libra for week of Sept 2 due to a copy/paste problem, but I corrected it on Sept 4. Since then Libra has been included. I made sure of that. I hope that helps. I wouldn’t be concerned about it. Halloween hasn’t hit yet. That’s the time for REAL HORROR-SCOPES AND REAL FEARS! LOL

  5. Funny man! By the way, the last horoscope did not have Libra on it. Is this an indication that I should be concerned about? 🙂

  6. Well here come the Nigerian Prince phone calls…

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