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Six orangutans at Jungle Island in Miami are using iPads to draw, play games and expand their vocabulary.

There are now 6 apes using iPads in Miami.

I know what you are thinking, but you are wrong. They’re not lawyers. Well, maybe one of them is a lawyer.

The apes use the device to draw pretty pictures, play computer games, and expand their ever growing vocabularies.

That sure sounds like lawyers antics to me.

Soon they will be ordering their meals with the pads. Who knows. Maybe they will write letters to PETA.

After that they plan to start spamming us, so watch out.


Apes are now using the iPad.

Can’t tell if they’re happy or sad;

They play games and draw,

Learn words like macaw,

Their progress makes researchers glad.

Comments on: "Ape’s Apple Antics Amusing" (2)

  1. Union? I wouldn’t doubt it. Thanks.

  2. Too cool, man. I wish I could afford an iPad. Those apes must be union!

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