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Now people are analyzing sleep patterns to determine what kind of paintings the patterns would produce.

Someone in a hotel has hooked up over 80 bed sensors to a robot that can paint to find that out.

Could it be Renoir the Robot?

I’m not sure how a robot’s sleep patterns correlate to a human’s.

Besides, who ever heard of a robot sleeping. Turned off maybe, but sleeping?

I wonder what kind of painting a nightmare would produce.

Maybe it would be a portrait of Freddie, or Jason, or maybe Lady Gaga.


Make a painting in your sleep?

Is it something you would keep?

Is it different when you sleep deep?

Is it something that would make you weep?

Or is it something that should be bleeped?

Comments on: "Sleeping Seascapes?" (9)

  1. Imagine what Picasso dreamed. His paintings were unusual when he was awake.

  2. Err, not good for marriages….

  3. Who knows, maybe the sleeping robot will have a YouTube page someday.

  4. It’d be interesting to see the end result.

  5. You’re a hoot. LOL

  6. Not that I’m aware of.

  7. Have any of the paintings been released?

  8. Maybe the robot has a sleep mode like a pc does?

    My dreams would definitely be bleeped or sold as the next horror or sci fi tv series…

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