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A woman fell off a 60 foot cliff while texting.

She suffered multiple injuries as a result.

I think she also fractured her reputation.

Too bad she didn’t have a jet pack smart phone app.

Then again, she probably wouldn’t have thought of using it.

We are not sure who she was texting at the time. It might have been her Guardian Angel.


A text-er fell off a cliff,

She’s lucky that she’s not a stiff,

A sixty foot fall,

While making a call,

It’s something that we can all riff.

Comments on: "Texter’s Terrible Timing Turns Into Tumble" (4)

  1. Thankfully, I wasn’t driving. I was sitting on a couch in Colorado at the time. I try not to write while driving since the last accident I had. Who would have thought I could cause a thirty one car pile up in a school zone during dismissal.

  2. makdm said:

    LOL! Hopefully you weren’t writing this one whilst driving! 😉

  3. That’s a pretty stiff fine We need that here in the US. I like the idea of holding up the map, but I think I’d rather hold up the Garmin instead. More chance of an electrical shock to keep me awake while driving.

  4. As of today in Australia, handling you phone in any way will result in a $298 fine and 3 demerit points taken. It’s amazing how many accidents have occurred since internet access while driving. It looks like I go back to holding a map in front of me while I drive instead….

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