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HAPPY NEW YEAR  to all fellow bloggers in the blogosphere, in all hemispheres.

I trust that you survived another New Years Eve and all that it entailed.


I hope you got your new resolutions in order.

I have several private resolutions in the works.

My public resolutions include but are not limited to the following:

I resolve to keep writing this blog and other projects.

I resolve to do more posting this year.

I resolve to comment more on your posts.

I resolve to work harder and be more creative.

I resolve to publish several humor books which are in the making.

I resolve to promote my eBook currently on Amazon.

I resolve to have more resolve, to evolve and get involved.

I resolve to find time to rhyme.


We’ve come to another new year,

For some it’s a reason to cheer;

Three hundred and sixty five days,

To be spent in so many ways,

Let’s go forward without any fear.


Many blessings and  good luck to all.

Comments on: "HAPPY NEW YEAR" (6)

  1. Thank you. I wrote a teen sci-fi novel last year called, Alien Assistant. It’s on Amazon as an ebook. I have several books of single panel cartoons in the works.

  2. I hope that your year will bring all the best to you and yours.

  3. Happy New Years, Mate.

  4. Happy new year. I’m excited to read your book. Pease share 🙂

  5. Thanks. Happy New Year to you too.

  6. Happy New Year Big Ron!!!

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