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According to BBC Tech News,  children as young as 11 years old are writing malicious computer code to hack accounts on gaming sites and social networks.

Researchers found many instances of malware targeting games popular with children.

They found that the malware was used to steal the data and send it to a specific email address.

A report from antivirus company AVG detailed evidence of computer programs written by children. They are used to “steal” game related virtual currency.

I bet the victims really got hacked off.



Young kids are now into hacking,

It’s ethics that they are lacking.

They steal secret code and data,

To the kids it doesn’t matter.

They write their malicious code,

Looking for the mother lode.

They hack friends to steal their money,

To the victims it isn’t funny.

What to do, we do not know,

So the hacked in data flows.


© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

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