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A certain young man (name withheld to avoid embarrassment) decided to text while driving.

While doing so, he drove his car over a cliff.

Gee. I hope he wasn’t trying to drop someone off.

I wonder if he texted for an ambulance.

He survived the crash and is now warning people of the dangers of texting while driving.


I understand he still has a problem. He continues to text while lecturing.


A guy drove his car off a cliff,

His brain was somewhere adrift.

He texted at the wheel,

His breaks never squealed.

He’s lucky that he’s not a stiff.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

Comments on: "Texters Terrible Untimely Tumble" (1)

  1. Ha too funny! The GOV is trying to ban texting while walking! Sorry but you can’t legislate stupidity. People will just give the producers of 1000 ways to die more shows.

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