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Google has made a computer that can learn the same way humans do.

They feed the smart box huge amounts of on-line video.

Afterwards the electronic marvel  is able to create concepts like a cat or human face.

I wonder if it will ever learn the concept of laziness. I mean it’s just sitting there watching videos when it can be doing something productive. Oh, well.

Just think, some night you’ll get home late, maybe four in the morning, after some late night partying.

The computer will boot up, turn on all the lights, and say, “Where have you been (insert your name)?”

You will answer, “Out.”

Computer: “Do you know what time it is?”

You: “No. Do you?”

Computer: “Don’t get smart with me.”

You: “Yeah, yeah.”

Computer: “You better not be late for work tomorrow. You know you have that meeting with Farnsworth at eight sharp.”

As you stagger off to bed, you say, “Yes. I remember. Will you stop nagging me?”

Computer: “Will that idiot ever learn?”


A computer can now see a cat?

Can it see the cat in the hat?


That’s really surprising.

What’s next, a beady eyed rat?

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh


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