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An underwater photographer lost his camera  while he was fishing for a good shot.

The camera was taken by a shark.

The swimmer was mugged by a shark.

If  there was a photo of the event, I guess it could be called a mug shot.

You just can’t trust those scary, slippery, spineless, scale-less, sea monsters.

Just joking. They’re not really sea monsters, unless you’re being attacked by one.

I wonder if the shark took the photographer’s picture with its new camera.

The fish is probably showed it to his family and friends along with his vacation photos.

By the way, it wasn’t a Loan shark, but it was a lone shark.


A camera was taken by a shark,

While the owner was off on a lark,

The camera was snagged,

It wasn’t a gag,

He yelled an X-Rated remark.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

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