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Imagine waves of beavers scurrying through a West Sacramento, Calif. neighborhood toppling trees and damaging public property.

According to city officials. those residents are living in the vicinity of as many as 30 wood-chewing rodents. The beavers first moved into a Bridgeway Lakes neighborhood in much smaller numbers three years ago, but have since multiplied and spread to other areas. And it appears like at least a few are on the ginormous side of the gene pool.

Observers said that the critters can weigh upwards of 70 pounds and some of them, by the damage done to the trees, were a good four feet tall. The damage has been on a massive scale. The beavers have taken down as many as a dozen local trees.

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A town invaded by beavers?

The animal, not the kid, Cleaver.

They chew on the trees,

They’re down in a breeze.

Talk about hairy achievers!


They’re a plump forty pounds,

They’d frighten all hounds,

And they run about four feet high.


Their damage is massive,

They’re active not passive,

They make all tree lovers cry.


What to do? Yell the folks,

While others make jokes,

Their plight is really appalling.


They called a Tree Guy,

He just looked on and sighed,

And the trees keep on a falling.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

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