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Right now, Sky City is just an empty lot in Changsha City, China. In 90 days, it will host the construction of the tallest building on the planet!

Using prefabricated floors, it will reach a full height of 2,749 feet and could be open by January, 2014.

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Let’s see…

As of now, I can’t find any information about the exact use of the new colossal structure.

Are they doing it just to boast that they have the world’s tallest building?

That won’t last long. Someone will come along and build a higher one even if it’s a foot taller just to hold the record.

I did a little figuring with my 1960’s slide rule and came up with some startling results.

Don’t hold me to these numbers since the slide rule is old and most of the numbers have worn off.

Anyway, here goes:

If my calculation are correct, it could hold 15,600,320 tons of oriental rice, 8,590,333; boxes of frozen pea pods, 137,100,257 fortune cookies, 14, 333,678, 221 bottles of soy sauce, 998,603,331 gallons of General Chang’s hot szechuan sauce, and enough woks to supply the planet for the next century.

And there would be room to store all the Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies ever made and still have enough floor space for a massage parlor.

It could also hold enough fireworks for 18,324,411 average holiday displays.

On the other hand, it could also house a total of 13,438,238,119 chop sticks. I guess someone will only get one chop stick. Too bad.

The cement used could build 767,217 Chinese sit-down restaurants, or 3,157, 290 take out places.

Aren’t slide rules wonderful?

I wonder why people don’t use them anymore.



The Chinese are building it bigger,

Using millions of people with diggers;

The place will be tall,

Making others look small,

They’re doing it with lots of vigor.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh


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