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Hackers want to install a very nasty virus in your computer. Nastier than Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross.

The thought of it makes me shiver.

A very dangerous Trojan (worse than a virus) is making the rounds on Facebook.

It’s sneaky.

It behaves like a virus in some ways, it can be much more dangerous to you and your loved ones. It’s kind of like the government.

If this nasty Trojan infects your device, it can find your bank account and drain all of your cash.

And,  it spreads from people you know and trust. YIKES!

Though the virus is almost a decade old, it’s still active and very dangerous.

Having security software helps, but it’s not bulletproof. There’s still a chance that it can make its way around your anti-virus software.

Am I scaring you yet?

The best way to prevent this potential catastrophe is to avoid it.

Make sure you share this tip with all of your friends and family on Facebook!

You definitely don’t want this dangerous virus stealing their cash! You may need to borrow some of it from them in the future.

The malware in question is called “Zeus.” In most cases, it looks like a funny or shocking video one of your friends posted. It may be posted on their page or in a message to you.

No, it’s not a video of your first birthday party when your diaper fell off and your face was smeared in chocolate cake. It’s worse than that. Worse than your mother-in-law’s plot against you.

Once you click the link to the “video,” it will tell you that you need to update the player to watch it.

When you try to do that, (update the player) you download the virus. Tricky little devils aren’t they.

When you click the “Play” button, you’re actually clicking “Like” on the virus page. It will spread the link to all of your friends to try to infect them.

I knew there was something very suspicious about that “Like” button.

Don’t fall for it. If you get a message from your friend about such a video, ask them if they meant to send it. If they giggle when they answer you, well, they probably did sent it.

In most cases, they won’t even know that they are spamming you (though I’m sure many of them would love to spam you).

From what I understand, you can also search the title of the video in question on Google, YouTube, or by consulting your local witch doctor.

If nothing turns up, you’ll know the video is a scam, or they’re all in on it too.

Oh no.  It’s a conspiracy!


Malware is still all around,

Trojans and viruses abound,

They’ll steal all your money,

And, honey that’s not funny,

Prevention can always be found.


Don’t fall for a trick or a con,

Your security should always be on,

Don’t download that spam,

Or you’ll be in a jam,

The conclusion is all but forgone.

 © 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

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Comments on: "Dangerous Distraction Drains Dollars" (2)

  1. And Project Head Start as well. Thank you Jessie Jackson.

  2. I was going to say that anyone with an IQ over 70 already knows this, but I failed to take into account the “no child left behind” generation. Sorry.

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