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Kim Komando says…

“I’m sure you remember a while back Facebook used people’s names and profile images in advertising without clear permission.

People got mad about these “Sponsored Stories” and started a class-action lawsuit. It ended last week with Facebook paying out $20 million.

While the lawsuit was going on, Facebook put in a setting so you could opt out of Sponsored Stories.

Now that the lawsuit is over, Facebook is wasting no time changing how it does things.

To that end, it’s updating its site policy – you probably got an email about it. If you didn’t read the email, I’ll give you the short version.

Starting September 5, if you use Facebook at all, you’re giving it explicit permission to use your image in ads. There is no opt-out, even for minors.

Of course, Facebook is taking user feedback on this change. You can weigh in with your opinion.

Just be aware that in the past Facebook has ignored what its users want. It will probably do so this time.”

See more, including your options at:


For some reason WP won’t let me add the link today. Sorry!


FB will use your photo for money,
Or a picture of your lovely honey;
It’s all about cash,
They’re certainly brash,
I’m thinking it is awfully crummy.

Privacy’s not their concern,
It’s money that they want to earn;
They’ll sell a great pic,
Of a guy, or a chick,
It’s making my temper burn.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh
All rights reserved.

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