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Saying that he’s “gonna have to keep an eye on that one,” Ohio State University Resident Assistant, Scott Joachim confirmed Wednesday that he is “not getting a good vibe” from the freshman student on his floor who wears a cloak at all times.

“It’s hard enough being a freshman in the first weeks of school and trying to find your identity, but on top of all that this kid’s gotta throw a cloak in the mix?” said Joachim of the 18-year old student who is reportedly registered under the name Tim Estrin but, on the rare occasions that he has spoken with hallmates, has introduced himself only as “Damien.”

“And he’s not wearing the cloak in a humorous, quirky way, either. He’s clearly dead serious. Everyone in the whole dorm just calls him Cloak Kid.”

At press time, a relieved Joachim saw the student entering his room with a young woman who was also wearing a cloak.

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A freshman’s wearing a cloak,
It’s true, it’s not just a joke;
The kid is quite serious,
He isn’t delirious,
My laughing has caused me to choke.

The RA is not very happy,
He may think the cloak is quite crappy,
The kid’s name is Damien,
We don’t know who named him,
He might think his cloak is just snappy.

“Cloak Kid” has been seen with a girl,
Her cloak has been seen to unfurl,
She goes in his room,
To share in his gloom?
Will the RA lower the boom?

2013 Ronald J. Yarosh
All rights reserved

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