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Glib Guy Gawks Garden Gal


“Struggling not to openly show discomfort, family members dining with local man Louis Munson sat quietly on Sunday as Munson peered intently in the direction of Olive Garden waitress Layla Martinez.

Munson, who first noticed the 23-year-old brunette as she walked past carrying another table’s pasta entrees, reportedly gazed at her for approximately 12 seconds, lingering on certain features of her anatomy while his fully aware wife, two sons, and daughter watched in silence.

Though the family’s unease had largely passed by the end of the meal, sources say it was re-sparked when Munson suddenly noticed Martinez from across the restaurant bending down to tie her shoe.”

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A fam watched their dad woman staring,

To the man it might have been daring;

He checked out her bod

Like a lech or a clod,

I’m not sure how they are now faring.


He did it in front of his kin,

He deserved a kick in the shin;

He looked at her curves,

The guy had some nerve,

Did his kids think it was a sin?


The woman was serving some food,

She was clearly not in the mood,

For a guy with a stare,

At her body and hair,

I’m sure she thought it was rude.


Does this guy gaze at women a lot?

Gawking women who look very hot;

In front of his wife,

My God, get a life,

Guess he doesn’t care if he gets caught.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved.

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