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Seventh-Grade Biology Class Grossed Out At Having To Dissect Horse


Students at Glenville Middle School expressed disgust Thursday at having to dissect full-size horse cadavers, a much-dreaded annual assignment given to all seventh-grade biology classes in the local school district.

“You always hear that [biology teacher] Mr. Becora’s going to make you dissect a 14-hand thoroughbred, but until you actually see one all pinned down on your lab table, you don’t realize how gross it’s going to be,” said Lauren Denison, 13, who has protested the policy stating that any student who refuses to participate is automatically given a C.

“They give you this horse in a tank of formaldehyde, and it’s super disgusting—you and your lab partner have to slice off the hooves one by one, and that’s before you even crack open the rib cage and remove the aorta. Yuck!”

As of press time, resident class clown Ian Levine was reportedly trying to lasso Denison using his horse’s small intestine.



Some kids had to dissect a horse,
They declined but they were forced;
Soaked in formaldehyde,
After the horse had died,
They were grossed out of course.

The kids are of middle school age,
Dissection just isn’t the rage;
They cut up the thing,
Disgust it did bring,
The teacher is not very sage.

A few didn’t participate,
In something that they really hate,
They all got a “C”,
A grade that isn’t so great.

They cut off the hooves one by one,
They weren’t happy when they were done,
They sliced up the heart,
And other gross parts,
It really wasn’t much fun.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh
All rights reserved.

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