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Thousands Of Americans To Notice First Signs Of Dementia While Visiting Parents Over Holiday


Noting that the experience is sure to be extremely upsetting, a new report has found that thousands of Americans will likely notice the first signs of their parents’ dementia while visiting over the holidays.

“Shortly after arriving home from the airport, an estimated tens of thousands of adults will invariably witness one or both parents forget something that just happened, misremember details of their lives that have been discussed hundreds of times before, or momentarily lose track of what they were doing right in the middle of an action,” lead author Dr. Tim Belarde wrote in the report.

He added that 80 percent will see their parents write down incorrect information on a calendar, 65 percent will hear their mothers refer to a completely nonexistent event from childhood, and half will observe their father mixing up siblings’ names.

“For the remainder of their vacations, these Americans will spend hours carefully observing their parents for further signs of mental decline and then convince themselves that any brain lapses were anomalies due to the stress of the holidays, ultimately leaving with dozens of unsettling memories they will repress in an effort to deny the inevitable.

” At press time, sources reported that an estimated 40,000 mothers had just asked their children to resend their flight itineraries for the fourth time.



Seeing your parents forget,
Their keys, their car, or their pet;
They don’t know some detail,
Or a fact from an old tale,
Is something that makes most kids fret.

They mix up their childrens’ names,
Forget rules of common games;
They have a brain lapse,
Or several perhaps,
It really is quite a shame.

They suffer from mental decline,
But not of their own design;
It comes on with age,
A frequent blank page,
It certainly isn’t divine.

There’s nothing much that we can do,
We can’t mix a magical brew;
It’s all part of life,
It can bring on strife,
We just have to see what ensues.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh
All rights reserved.

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