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Doga: how yoga can be good for dogs too.

A man tries to relax his excitable Chihuahua by teaching it yoga – and it copies him as he performs the poses

Many dog owners enjoy exercising with their pet – whether that is going for a walk, a run or riding a bike alongside their dog.

However, Nic Bello is looking to do something a little bit more relaxing and has been teaching his dog Pancho to do yoga.

Apparently this is a real thing – called “Doga”. As Chihuahuas are notoriously yappy and excitable dogs, I hope that all that stretching and breathing can help the little creature relax.

The pair have now released a series of dog yoga videos together, with this showing some more complex yoga moves:

See a video of it @:


A man gets his dog to do yoga,
He calls the routines his new “Doga”;
He stretches his body,
Without being haughty,
He’d really look good in a toga.

They do all the routines together,
In any and all kinds of weather;
They bend and they stretch,
It helps Poncho to fetch,
The dog is as light as a feather.

Chihuahuas are usually yappy,
Perhaps cause they’re always quite happy;
When you get such a pet,
It’s excitement you get,
It’s true; I’m not just being sappy.

They’re making a new video,
Doga’s the name of the show;
It’s something to buy,
For your dog to try,
It might help; you never know.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh
All rights reserved.

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