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Dumped Dough Discussion

EDINBURGH, Scotland, Feb. 12 (UPI)

Papa John’s pizza said company officials are probing a photo posted online of a Scottish recycling Dumpster overflowing with pizza dough.

The photo, depicting a recycling container in Edinburgh near a Papa John’s location, was posted to Twitter Tuesday by Ailsa Burn-Murdoch, who tweeted, “I have a feeling @PapaJohnsUK owe a local sanitation worker free pizza for a year,” the Scotsman reported Tuesday.

The Kentucky-based pizza chain said it is investigating the incident with the help of the Edinburgh store.

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A dumpster held Papa John’s dough,
So much that it overflowed,
The dumpster was full,
It’s true, it’s no bull,
Who put it there nobody knows.

They’re checking that situation,
Doing an investigation,
To find the poor Scott,
Or some stupid sot,
It’s causing PJs consternation.

A pic was attached to a Tweet,
The dough was not fit to eat,
It just sat there,
Swelling up in the air,
It’s a good thing the waste wasn’t meat.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh
All rights reserved.

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