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Clueless Clothes Consulting

Men's Curling Gold Medal Match Between Canada And Norway

Canadians Sledders
Strange Olympic Uniforms: Wacky Outfits

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The Winter Olympics isn’t just about the sports: fashion plays a huge role in the Games.

It’s an event where teams get outfitted by famous fashion designers , where judges have been known to be swayed by figure skaters’ pretty outfits and where costumes are carefully scrutinized and often ripped apart by critics, as Team USA recently found out.

It’s also an event where athletes can have a lot of fun with their style as Team Mexico’s only skier recently proved when he showed off his mariachi-inspired uniform complete with black bolero jacket and ruffled tuxedo shirt.

Sometimes, as the Canadian bobsled team recently showed us, they need not wear anything at all.

To celebrate the 2014 Winter Olympics, we take a look at the creative and strange uniforms of Olympics past and present.

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A guy wears loud pants while he’s curling,
His teammates pants were all unfurling,
The pic made my mind ago a whirling,
I thought that I would be then hurling.

The Canadians were almost bare,
In that ice cold wintry air,
They did it without a care,
Inviting many a stare.

Who designs such weird attire,
And then sells it to a clothes buyer?
Should the outfits be thrown in the fire?
Should the strange concepts then be retired?

It’s all about custom designs,
To last through the games daily grind,
If they’re weird should you really mind?
Or say nothing and be extra kind.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh
All rights reserved

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