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Man Visiting Hometown Amazed To Find All His Childhood Insecurities Still There

Childhoood home


While walking through his old neighborhood, Mansfield, OH, native Peter Grogan, 37, was reportedly surprised Thursday to find that each and every one of his childhood insecurities remains in his hometown.

“I was heading down Marion Avenue, where Jeff Bilderman used to pick on me every day, and noticed that my old anxieties, fears, and constant sense of shame are all still here,” Grogan told reporters, marveling that the dozens of uncertainties that plagued him throughout his adolescent and teenage years were still thriving exactly where he left them.

“I haven’t been back for long, but it doesn’t seem like my timidity and self-doubt have changed even a bit. And it looks like my feelings of inadequacy are still going strong, judging by the fears of rejection that came flooding back when I walked past my old high school. It’s all exactly the same as it was almost 20 years ago.”

Grogan added that the one difference he could identify was that walking through his hometown now fills him with newly established insecurities regarding his financial situation, relationship with his parents, and own impending mortality.

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Peter traveled back to his past,

To a place where his fears amassed,

His memories flooded him fast.

It is something that’s hard to grasp,


The man thought of Jeff, who was bad,

He picked on Pete, making him sad,

And often times making him mad,

Jeff’s gone now but Peter’s not glad.


Peter’s still filled with anxiety,

After life in that society,

Which lacked any real piety,

But, was fill with impropriety.


Peter’s still quite insecure,

A state he shouldn’t endure,

He really should search for a cure,

Now that he is much more mature.


© 2014 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved

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