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Moved by a grand and profound force to expand her maple-finish domain beyond its limited borders in the kitchen, area woman Linda Ellison finally achieved her own manifest destiny of hardwood floors throughout her home this week, sources confirmed.

“Though I understood it would be a long, arduous journey that would likely take many years to complete, I always knew deep down that one day, I would be able to look out across high-gloss, select-grade wood panels stretching all the way from the foyer to the back guest room,” said Ellison, who, despite numerous obstacles, never wavered in her pursuit of covering all 1,900 square feet of her ranch-style home in a varnished, light-tone flooring.

“Finding mold in the den underneath the old Berber carpeting and having to reroute some electrical work may have temporarily slowed us, but nothing could stop our advancement.”

“Now, at long last, every corner of the concrete subfloor has been covered in interlocking 2-and-a-quarter-inch hardwood, and this fated vision has become reality.”

Sources noted, however, that Ellison’s full-scale transformation of the household landscape had come at the cost of the forced relocation of her husband’s favorite recliner to the basement.

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A woman got some new floors,

Her carpeting would be no more,

It’s done in light tone,

To improve her home,

It’s something she really adores.


It took many years to complete,

The nineteen hundred square feet,

Now it’s installed,

From wall to wall,

It was a difficult feat.


It cost her husband his chair,

Which had been sitting right there,

It’s been relocated,

Perhaps it was hated,

Did he consider that fair?


Whatever the case may be,

The jobs done as we can see,

The work is now over,

And she sits in clover,

A manifest destiny.


© 2015 Ronald J. Yarosh

All rights reserved

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