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All of a sudden WP isn’t working properly. When I try to like someone’s post, I get a 1/2 second popup box (white and blank) and the like doesn’t get recorded on the site. Anyone else having that problem? Bottom line, it won’t let me like anybody’s posts now.

And, the contact form for WP won’t work either. Which means they won’t help me on this.

Plus, the whole interface has changed as well. I have to jump through more hoops now to do a post.

Finally, the new Apple APP won’t work either. It won’t accept my WP user/password info???

Anyone else having these problems?

I’m getting ready to find another way to post.



  1. Oh yes, you were lucky it was that simple. Your stars must have been aligned in your favor 😉

  2. You’re right. Every now and then it can be a real pain. It all seems to hinge on the proper password. Luckily it worked out for me this time. Have a great week. 🙂

  3. I finally discovered on my own that there was a password problem with wordpress. Everything is back to normal now thank goodness. Have a great week. 🙂

  4. yes, i get the 1/2 second pop up thingy and the only way i can like a post is through the reader , so only people that you follow.. and yes to the last line too

  5. WP can be a royal pain

  6. Yes. It turned out to be a problem with passwords. WP wouldn’t accept its own temporary passwords. It took most of a day to get it straightened out.

  7. Everything is ok with my account so far. Good you have got it sorted.

  8. Thanks. After many, many attempts, I finally got my password problem straightened out on my own. That apparently was the cause of the other problems I had with “likes” etc. Now things are back to normal. For a long time, WP wouldn’t accept it’s own temporary password, the one they sent me, which was ridiculous. I finally got an email from them suggesting a dozen things to do. By then I got it done myself. Is till can’t figure how things got screwed up in the first place.

  9. To get back to the old posting interface, click on “Posts” (or anything, really) and then scroll down to the last choice on the menu on the left: “WP Admin” this will take you to the “old” interface. One more step, yes, but it is waaaaaay worth it (at least to me).

  10. I think that would be a great name for an all-girl band: WordPress Problems Galore

  11. Having WP problems here…. * raises hand *

  12. Sounds like a terrible mess. I haven’t noticed anything similar with my blog yet. I hope you can get this resolved soon!

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