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Password Protection Produces Potential Problems

This came from ABC found at:

It may take practice, as well as some really great timing, but anyone with the knowledge, and a little practice can bypass your iPhone’s pass code to make calls.

They can also send out emails and messages, scroll through your call history, view (and edit) your contact information.

This (hacking) was done with an  iPhone 5 as well as an iPhone 4.

Both devices were running iOS 6.1, with  the very latest update. That update seems to be at the center of the vulnerability.

An Apple spokesperson said they were aware of the problem and would find a fix as soon as possible.

You can read more on the link above.


You iPhone is vulnerable now,

Anyone can show you how,

To bypass your secret code,

And find the mother load,

Of contacts and calls that were made,

Even with Apple’s upgrade.

They’re working to find a fast fix,

To overcome the hackers new tricks.

Let’s hope they find one fast,

Before someone discovers your past.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

Texter’s Terrible Timing Turns Into Tumble

A woman fell off a 60 foot cliff while texting.

She suffered multiple injuries as a result.

I think she also fractured her reputation.

Too bad she didn’t have a jet pack smart phone app.

Then again, she probably wouldn’t have thought of using it.

We are not sure who she was texting at the time. It might have been her Guardian Angel.


A text-er fell off a cliff,

She’s lucky that she’s not a stiff,

A sixty foot fall,

While making a call,

It’s something that we can all riff.

Come On, Spit It Out.

Really, I’m not all wet when I tell you this.
Public beware. According to a new study, frequent cell phone users slobber and spit more than the average caller.
It sounds to me like some real juicy conversations are going on.
It looks like DNA is flying all over the place.


Don’t slobber when you use the phone,
It will only make some folks groan;
Don’t spit when you talk,
Or drool when you squawk,
If so, you’ll be left all alone.

Cellular Creates Congo Calls

RassomStar is an African telecommunications company.

They are looking to bring cellular phoning to the Congo.

They are using tiny access nodes to make calls in the rain forest.

I hope Tarzan, Jane, Cheetah, Jungle Boy, and George of the Jungle all have cell phones.


The Congo has now going mobile.

A gesture that’s really quite noble.

Call up a chimp,

Or a lion with a limp,

Africa’s is finally going global.

Phone Perplexes Pilot

A while back a cell phone somehow distracted an airline pilot as the plane was about to land.

He then forgot to lower the landing gear.

They had to abort what would have been a belly landing just a few hundred feet above the ground.

I wonder. Was that a call to action?

And they tell us to turn off all cell phones.


A near crash from a noisy cell phone,

Made the flight crew resound with a groan;

They had to abort,

Right at the airport,

The clown should have left it alone.

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