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Yipes Skype!

Recently it was discovered that scammers found a security flaw in the popular communication application called Skype. The error could allow unauthorized individuals to snag your IP address, leading to other information about you. I hope they are working on a fix.


There once was a girl who used Skype,

Her IP was purposely sniped;

Her info went out,

It was sold that’s no doubt,

She later found out and yelled, “Yipes!”

And the winner is…

Sophos, a security software developer, reported so far this year India is the top spam-relaying country. It has sent 9.3 percent of spam. The U.S. has sent 8.3 percent.

FYI…I got every one of them.


India’s the top global spammer,

They often have trouble with grammar,

We get spammed every day,

No more, we all pray,

Don’t they know that spam has no glamour?

Beware all Androidians. Security Alert!

According to some computer security experts, there is now a “drive-by” virus (a virus you can get by visiting a site which is malicious), which can infect Androids. So, be careful all you Androidians.


There is an old man named O’Cyrus,

Whose Android keeps getting a virus;

It comes from a site,

That isn’t quite right,

We’ll fix it if he will just hire us.

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