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Alert Aussies Arrest Aggressive Attacker

Good news everybody!

Australian Federal Police have arrested the self-proclaimed leader of the international hacking group, LulzSec. It’s the collective that claimed responsibility for infiltrating and shutting down the CIA website.

Police reported the 24 year old IT worker was arrested in Sydney and charged with hacking crimes which could earn him 10 years in prison.

Police said the man was arrested at his work place where he had access to “sensitive information from clients including government agencies.”

LulzSec is an offshoot of the international hacking group, Anonymous. It has taken credit for hacking attacks on government and private sector computers including the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox Studios, and Nintendo.

The two cyber hacking groups became notorious in late 2010 when they launched what they called the “first cyber war” in retaliation for attempts to shut down the Wiki leaks website.

The name LulzSec is a combination of “lulz” which is apparently another way of writing lols, and the word security.

You can learn more at this web site:


They caught a mighty big hacker,

He wasn’t your everyday slacker;

He made cyber war,

But not anymore,

He’s now one jailed attacker.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

Kids Concoct Computer Codes

According to BBC Tech News,  children as young as 11 years old are writing malicious computer code to hack accounts on gaming sites and social networks.

Researchers found many instances of malware targeting games popular with children.

They found that the malware was used to steal the data and send it to a specific email address.

A report from antivirus company AVG detailed evidence of computer programs written by children. They are used to “steal” game related virtual currency.

I bet the victims really got hacked off.



Young kids are now into hacking,

It’s ethics that they are lacking.

They steal secret code and data,

To the kids it doesn’t matter.

They write their malicious code,

Looking for the mother lode.

They hack friends to steal their money,

To the victims it isn’t funny.

What to do, we do not know,

So the hacked in data flows.


© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

Chinese Criminal Compromised Computers

According to unnamed sources, a Chinese computer hacker broke into the White House computer network.

The hacker even saw sensitive nuclear codes and commands.

It happened after someone in the White House opened a phishing email.

So, if you have any secret information, like your weight or shoe size, stay away from phishing emails.


The Chinese are hacking the white house,

They know every click from the First Mouse.

They saw our nuke codes,

The bombs with their loads,

They may have some dirt on the First Spouse.

Hackers Hefty Heist

Imagine this:

Some beady eyed hackers have stolen around 78 million from banks using a malware virus called Zeus.

Of course that doesn’t beat the trillions of dollars the U.S. government is wasting. Who’s the bigger crook?

See, your mother was right. Hiding your money under your mattress is safer.


Hackers are stealing from banks,

They get money without saying thanks,

They use what’s called Zeus,

It’s pure banking abuse,

They get Deutsche Marks as well as French Francs

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