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Supercomputer’s Startling Super Success

IBM is finishing its development of a super computer that can perform 1.5 quadrillion operations per second.

They say it would take the average person 47 million years to do the same.

That sounds impressive, but I doubt that the average person needs to do 1.5 quadrillion operations per second.

It’s difficult enough for some people to walk and chew gum at the same time.

I just wish that computer makers would make a computer that wouldn’t go wacky 1.5 quadrillion times a day.


One point five quadrillion operations?

That took a lot of dedication,

Forty seven million years?

With a lot of sweat and tears.

It’s IBM’s latest sensation.

Are they Siri-ous?

IBM, also known as Big Blue, will not let its employees talk to Apple’s “Siri” application on their 4S IPhones while at work.

The company is concerned about voice commands which are given to Siri. They think the commands may be  saved in the Siri/Apple system. IBM thinks their employees will unwittingly divulge IBM corporate secrets to Apple.

I think IBM should take a bite out of Apple, like Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden. (I know, it was a different kind of apple. Just go with this.)

Wait a minute. If IBM took a bite out of Apple, Big Blue would be thrown out of Computer Heaven. Then they would have to spend the rest of their days facing problems, law suits, falling stock prices, and lost profits.

But those things have already happened to Big Blue. Is there something else we don’t know about IBM?


Now people at work can’t use Siri,

It’s making the workers quite weary,

They work for Big Blue,

They’ve always been true,

But their bosses are making them teary.

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