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Dollars Deliver Dubious Degrees

An inventor named Sebastian Thrun wants to make on-line college, graduate degrees available for about one hundred U.S. dollars.

He started something called Udacity for that purpose.

According to a Google search, Udacity is not accredited.

The Udacity site indicates, “For Udacity to offer a full computer science degree they would need to gain accreditation which is nearly impossible for an online school.


You can now buy an on-line degree,

“You’re a PhD.” they decree.

Just give them some cash,

A degree in a flash,

A scam to a degree, do you agree?

BTW, if anyone wants a degree from me, just send $50.00 in a cashier’s check to: Dandy Degrees for Me, C/O Humorous Interludes, P.O. Box Something-Something, Somewhere Down The Road. 00000-0000

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