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Routers Rerouting Rides

Auto manufacturers are building cars filled with computer chips, allowing the vehicle to be controlled wirelessly.

Now, security experts think those cars may be susceptible to hackers who may take control over vital systems such as breaking, acceleration, my favorite radio station where I listen to The Dennis Miller show daily, and perhaps back seat drivers.

Actually that last one wouldn’t be so bad.

All it will take is a rip roaring router and the right software.

This is a perfect  example of why I’ll never get a computer chip installed in my brain again.

Some hacker will find out and have me walking around in circles, or make me burp in the middle of an important speech at an AMWAY meeting.


Hackers may drive your new car,

They’ll do from places afar;

They’ll do it with routers,

They’ll make you scream louder,

They’ll do it where ever you are.

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