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Bots Bee-having Bee-like

Scientists can be found spending their time, and probably our federal grant money, mapping the thought processes of cute, little honey bees.

They want to use the insect’s bee-havior to integrate it into robots.

They hope the robots will then fly like bees. (I hope they don’t sting us.)

Maybe they will ask Rob-bee the Robot to help them.

Can you imagine the tiny probes used to capture a bee’s thoughts?

And, what do bee’s thoughts sound like? The Bee Gees?

The poor little honey combers can’t be thinking very logical or coherent thoughts.

After all, most of the time they have a buzz on.


Robots that think like bees?

They’ll fly over overhead on the breeze.

Will they make honey,

On days that are sunny?

Or handle our money?

Or say things quite funny?

Will they do whatever they please?





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