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See-through Solar Cells Will Sell Well

Scientists have developed a new type of solar cell that is transparent.

They could be used on windows.

And perhaps on the screens of our electronic devices.

I can see those applications happening.

It could be a new window of opportunity for solar energy.


Solar panels are now see through.

It will give us a whole different view.

It’s a new kind of cell,

That works very well.

Gossamer energy for me and for you.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

Venus skirts the sun.

Yesterday, Venus travelled between the Earth and the Sun. It was a wonderful and rare thing to see. It won’t happen again Until 2117. I hope we are all around to see it then. Put it in your day planner just in case.



We watched the crossing of Venus,

There’s a lot of distance between us;

It went past our star,

How happy we are,

I wonder if Venus has seen us.

3D Movies, move over. 3D Printers are forging ahead.

In a paper published in April, University of Glasgow scientists theorize in the future, 3D printers could be used to create customized drugs and chemicals for various medical conditions including cancer. The printer can make organic and inorganic compounds.

The researchers believe the method could be used by drug companies within the next five years to make customized medicines. It may be available to the public in 20 years.

Maybe by then, drugs can be made for each of us based on our individual chemical and biological factors.


A printer that prints in 3D,

Can make drugs for you and for me,

It can make any kind,

For the body or mind,

Oh how happy we all will soon be.

The New Asteroids Game

A company called Planetary Resources, Inc. wants to mine “Near Earth” asteroids for rare minerals. They will use Arkyd-100 space ships in the endeavor.

Here’s my take on that…

They’re going to mine out in space,

It’s a cold, dark terrible place,

They’re taking a chance,

They could lose their pants,

If they do they will also lose face.

Superman now has competition!

A computer chip has been designed which can turn cell phones into X-ray devices. It enables the phones to see right through plastics, walls, wood, and fabric.

Now you don’t have to buy those x-ray glasses advertised in the back of comic books. And, you can foil the plans of criminals anywhere.

I guess it’s time for lead lined clothing.


There is a young man I must say,

Whose phone can take mini x-rays;

It sees through your clothes,

Or right through your nose,

If I were you, I’d stay away.

Sixty Dollar Light Bulb?

In honor of Earth Day, Phillips electronics is going to start selling  LED light-bulbs. They say the bulb can last 20 years. The bulb is priced at $60.

Twenty year bulb? I'll burn out before the bulb does!

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