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Drone Dilemma Discussed


Sen. Feinstein calls for regulation after drone spies on her through window

“This is a whole new world now and it has many complications.”

March. 17 (UPI) –

During an interview on CBS’ 60 Minutes as part of a segment on the growing controversy surrounding the use of drones for law enforcement as well as commercial and private enterprise, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. called for the federal government to regulate unmanned aerial vehicles, describing privacy concerns associated with drones as “very, very major.”

The Senator shared a personal experience: “I’m in my home and there’s a demonstration out front. And I go to peek out the window and there’s a drone facing me.”

The 60 Minutes segment, “Drones Over America,” evokes a sci-fi cityscape, the sky above abuzz with unmanned aerial vehicles — taking bird’s eye photos, shooting video, delivering packages, even medevac’ing patients.Not to mention enforcing the law.

“This is a whole new world now and it has many complications,” Senator Feinstein said. “When is a drone picture a benefit to society? When does it become stalking? When does it invade privacy? How close to a home can a drone go?” she asked.

Feinstein has been a supporter of the NSA’s surveillance programs in the past. Her concern about drones invading privacy echoes her recent concerns about government espionage, in the immediate wake of her heated head to head with the CIA last week, in which Feinstein accused the agency of spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Congress and the FAA have already passed a bill to welcome commercial drones to the U.S. by 2015, and some people think that’s not soon enough. The FAA released its first drone “roadmap” last November.

Unmanned aerial vehicles have a growing presence in the military and in law enforcement, but no one knows quite yet what the reality of having a sky full of UAVs will be like.

“And the question is,” Senator Feinstein asks, “how does it all get sorted out? What is an appropriate law enforcement use for a drone? When do you have to have a warrant? When don’t you have to have a warrant? What’s the appropriate governmental use for a drone?”

The Senator’s answer?

“It’s going to have to come through regulation, perhaps regulation of size and type for private use. Secondly, some certification of the person that’s going to operate it. And then some specific regulation on the kinds of uses it can be put to.”

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What do we do about drones?
Their numbers have really grown,
Will they be as prolific as cell phones?
Diane spoke in worried tones.

Will they monitor each one of us,
When in our cars or in a bus?
It’s causing a lot of fuss,
Who is it we have to trust?

Should the government keep on spying,
Then when asked, they keep on lying?
And continue with denying?
It is something we’re not buying.

It is something complicated,
And it now must be debated,
Cause we are quite aggravated,
Some in fact are agitated.

Looks like we need some new laws,
With a specific drone law clause,
Drones may be the one last straw,
And it’s stiffening our jaws.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh
All rights reserved

Dangerous Distraction Drains Dollars

Hackers want to install a very nasty virus in your computer. Nastier than Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross.

The thought of it makes me shiver.

A very dangerous Trojan (worse than a virus) is making the rounds on Facebook.

It’s sneaky.

It behaves like a virus in some ways, it can be much more dangerous to you and your loved ones. It’s kind of like the government.

If this nasty Trojan infects your device, it can find your bank account and drain all of your cash.

And,  it spreads from people you know and trust. YIKES!

Though the virus is almost a decade old, it’s still active and very dangerous.

Having security software helps, but it’s not bulletproof. There’s still a chance that it can make its way around your anti-virus software.

Am I scaring you yet?

The best way to prevent this potential catastrophe is to avoid it.

Make sure you share this tip with all of your friends and family on Facebook!

You definitely don’t want this dangerous virus stealing their cash! You may need to borrow some of it from them in the future.

The malware in question is called “Zeus.” In most cases, it looks like a funny or shocking video one of your friends posted. It may be posted on their page or in a message to you.

No, it’s not a video of your first birthday party when your diaper fell off and your face was smeared in chocolate cake. It’s worse than that. Worse than your mother-in-law’s plot against you.

Once you click the link to the “video,” it will tell you that you need to update the player to watch it.

When you try to do that, (update the player) you download the virus. Tricky little devils aren’t they.

When you click the “Play” button, you’re actually clicking “Like” on the virus page. It will spread the link to all of your friends to try to infect them.

I knew there was something very suspicious about that “Like” button.

Don’t fall for it. If you get a message from your friend about such a video, ask them if they meant to send it. If they giggle when they answer you, well, they probably did sent it.

In most cases, they won’t even know that they are spamming you (though I’m sure many of them would love to spam you).

From what I understand, you can also search the title of the video in question on Google, YouTube, or by consulting your local witch doctor.

If nothing turns up, you’ll know the video is a scam, or they’re all in on it too.

Oh no.  It’s a conspiracy!


Malware is still all around,

Trojans and viruses abound,

They’ll steal all your money,

And, honey that’s not funny,

Prevention can always be found.


Don’t fall for a trick or a con,

Your security should always be on,

Don’t download that spam,

Or you’ll be in a jam,

The conclusion is all but forgone.

 © 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

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Softpedia Says Scary Spam Scams

According to Softpedia, another IRS malware campaign has been spotted in the wild and even though the message is new, the way it functions remains the same.

Unsuspecting victims receive an email which seems to come from the much feared U.S institution, The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), with the subject, “Federal Tax Report”.

It contains a message that reads something like, “There are arrears reckoned on your account over a period of 2010-2011 year.”

It continues, “You will find all calculations according to your financial debt, enclosed. Sincerely, IRS.”

More information about this news item can be found at:


Some malware is going around,

In IRS emails it’s found.

It says you owe money,

Now that’s just not funny,

Scams like this really abound.


Don’t answer the spam when it comes,

Or you just might send in large sums.

Delete it in haste,

So your cash you won’t waste,

Keep it out of the hands of those bums.


© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

Password Protection Produces Potential Problems

This came from ABC found at:

It may take practice, as well as some really great timing, but anyone with the knowledge, and a little practice can bypass your iPhone’s pass code to make calls.

They can also send out emails and messages, scroll through your call history, view (and edit) your contact information.

This (hacking) was done with an  iPhone 5 as well as an iPhone 4.

Both devices were running iOS 6.1, with  the very latest update. That update seems to be at the center of the vulnerability.

An Apple spokesperson said they were aware of the problem and would find a fix as soon as possible.

You can read more on the link above.


You iPhone is vulnerable now,

Anyone can show you how,

To bypass your secret code,

And find the mother load,

Of contacts and calls that were made,

Even with Apple’s upgrade.

They’re working to find a fast fix,

To overcome the hackers new tricks.

Let’s hope they find one fast,

Before someone discovers your past.

© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

Sneaky Smartphone Spyware Snoops

According to CNBC, there is a new Android App out there disguised as a “Droid Cleaner”.

It can attack your smart phone and your PC.

Once installed on your device, it can spy on you.

The malware was discovered by the Kaspersky security company.

The app which is found in the Google Play app store, is touted as a tool to free up memory in Google’s operating system.

It can also find its way into a PC as well if users plug an infected device into a PC with a USB drive.

The bug takes over the microphone on a PC and uses it to eavesdrop on users. When a sound is picked up by the mike it records the audio and sends it to the cyber criminals.

However, if a user has a current version of Microsoft Windows the malware should not get into the PC.

Apparently, the spy junk is only targeting older versions of Windows. The PC attack is really focused at users that are using older versions of Microsoft Windows.


The spyware can do the following in an infected device:

  • Sending SMS messages
  • Enabling Wi-Fi
  • Gathering information about the device
  • Opening arbitrary links in a browser
  • Uploading the SD card’s entire contents
  • Uploading all SMS messages
  • Deleting all SMS messages
  • Uploading all the contacts/photos/coordinates from the device master.


There’s an app that spies thru your phone,

It’s a sneaky thing like an air drone.

It uploads your stuff,

And if that’s not enough,

It won’t leave your PC alone.


© 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

Are they Siri-ous?

IBM, also known as Big Blue, will not let its employees talk to Apple’s “Siri” application on their 4S IPhones while at work.

The company is concerned about voice commands which are given to Siri. They think the commands may be  saved in the Siri/Apple system. IBM thinks their employees will unwittingly divulge IBM corporate secrets to Apple.

I think IBM should take a bite out of Apple, like Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden. (I know, it was a different kind of apple. Just go with this.)

Wait a minute. If IBM took a bite out of Apple, Big Blue would be thrown out of Computer Heaven. Then they would have to spend the rest of their days facing problems, law suits, falling stock prices, and lost profits.

But those things have already happened to Big Blue. Is there something else we don’t know about IBM?


Now people at work can’t use Siri,

It’s making the workers quite weary,

They work for Big Blue,

They’ve always been true,

But their bosses are making them teary.

Flame’s Features Frustrating

The powerful new “Flame” virus can destroy itself when commanded by the writers of the malware. That completely wipes all traces of the Flame from infected computers, making it impossible to be studied or defeated.


The Flame is a new kind of threat

It’s something you won’t want to get;

It wipes itself clean,

So it can’t be seen,

It’s something you will not forget.

No escape?

There is new wallpaper coming that has particles specially designed to keep Wi-Fi signals from escaping your house. It’s scheduled to go on sale sometime in 2013.


Wallpaper can block all Wi-Fi,

It sounds like a wonderful buy;

The signal is blocked,

Security is locked,

I think it is something to try.


Waxing my USB?

How about this…

There’s a USB drive with an new twist on a hot, old idea. The stick can be sealed with an emblem made of wax. It verifies the data has not been opened by anyone since being sealed.

Who knows, maybe you will be able to make crayons with the seals afterwards. Imagine if the wax came in various scents? Maybe even flavored, for the wax chewers out there. You know who you are.

Hmmm… Should I wax poetic?

My flash drive now has a wax seal,

To insure what’s inside’s really real;

It’s easy to use,

No bolts or no screws,

For me it has lots of appeal.

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