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You’ll get a charge out of this one…

Researchers running around in white lab coats (you know what I mean) have developed a new way to store electricity. They’ve made a T-shirt which can act like a battery. It can be used to charge all your power hungry devices.

Finally, something without the disclosure, “Batteries not included.”

I wonder…

Would you  buy it with a charge card?

If they did it with Bermudas would you have a short circuit?

Is it washable? If so, would you get a shock touching it when it’s wet?

If you sweat too much, or get caught in the rain, will you get electrocuted?

I hope you don’t charge the shirt by putting your finger into a socket.


Charge things with your new shirt?

I guess it’s okay if it works;

No batteries needed,

The shirt’s newly treated,

I guess next they’ll try it on skirts.

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