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Times Troubled by Technical Trespass

I’m not sure you heard about this. It seems to be making headlines now.

Chinese hackers have been snooping around the New York Times newspaper for months without permission.

They are accused of stealing private information like passwords, and research materials via the Times’ computers.

Maybe the Times needs to change their passwords.

Let’s face it, passwords like “12345”, “ABCDEFG”, and “The Times” are passé.

The penetration by the hackers could have been completely innocent.

They may have been looking for a new Chop Suey recipe.

Then again, they may just have been searching for unique fortune cookie ideas.

Maybe now the Times will take a dim look at Dim Sum.

Oh yes, then there’s this. An unnamed source has told us that in retaliation for the hacking, the newspaper has removed all chop sticks from their dining room.

Too little. Too late if you ask me.


The Chinese have hacked the NY Times.

They got info without paying a dime.

They stole lots of stuff,

Did they get enough?

What they did is really a crime.

I’ll report on more hacking problems soon.

 © 2013 Ronald J. Yarosh

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